Thursday, February 12, 2009

Playing god??!!

Akrita's written one of the best essays (Link) I've come across on the Mangalore incident thus-far. The salient points of focus have been very correctly highlighted.

Personally I do believe that criminal elements have gone from 'mere' organized crime to absolute control of the state machinery through the political system - and the country's being ravaged financially, morally and communally - to the benefit of our criminally bent political leaders, who commit crime after crime upon the very people they're supposed to represent - and then go absolutely 'halo' free with the complete support of their political brethren.

The people of this country need to awaken to the absolute anarchy we've all brought about by voting absolute 'goons' into the political system. As far as my personal experience is concerned, the bureaucracy isn't going to do a thing about it - they're making merry in their comfortable chairs; the judicial system really doesn't have any executive powers and most direction by it is completely wasted on the police + bureaucracy + political - mix. The politicians - most of whom have reams of criminal data on each of their background files wouldn't of course do a tiny bit to make the country a better, uncorrupted or secure place - they have the system down pat as a massive money tree. The police - from my view in the sidelines - hand in glove with the political drivers.

That leaves the military - and, I know a whole bunch of these folks, and know them to be decent in their outlook towards the state of our country - no, they can not run the country - we wouldn't be a democracy then.

The only way forward is for the citizens of India to vote only those people into government - that are unblemished and not controlled by their political parties. If there aren't any such people - then we may only hold back our franchise. But - therein lies the problem. The negative franchise button is not included in the polling machines - one has to declare on a form - forms that may be identified - that one does not wish to vote for any of the contestants. Catch-22 situation. Most people who would with hold their votes, against voting for any 'unfavorable' contestant - doesn't have a platform to express his/her discontent; because of the immediate threat of exposure and harm by being identified.

So, it simply looks like we're all going to have to live with the mess we're all in - unless the political parties suddenly become 'saintly' and put forward candidates that have a fair degree of respect for our constitution, or we have a dramatic revolution of some sort. The media being controlled by advertising revenues - primarily flushed in by the corporate world is the only platform that can take the initiative to go ahead and educate India's masses towards putting enough pressure on the political system - for change or revolution to occur. And the only way we as a nation can express our absolute contempt for the 'criminally inclined' contestants - is to register a negative vote - if it becomes viable - otherwise, it's no use going about creating campaigns telling people to vote (like Tata Tea's which is a good initiative) - when any option that's available is 'horribly wrong'.
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Ahem said...

What the hell does Mellifluous peripatetics mean?

Kaputnik said...

Mellifluous Peripatetics: 'smoothly flowing' - 'walk from place to place'

fangchu said...

all in the name of HINDUism have these fellas been taking a sweet ride down the lane without freaking realising that they hardly know a thing or two about the religion.
such hippocracy only prevails in the politicians of the nation. with the bulk of the population being under-priviledged, and blinded by the politicians who en-trust them by building wrong faith and trust; built on facile promises, the INDIAN can expect nothing but such bastardly acts of creating fear in the minds of the people on baseless and hillarious ideologies.

all that you and i can expect is the under-privileged being educated on the importance of their vote; they being educated.