Monday, February 23, 2009

Juviniles Amock

Sunday evening - a point in time every weekend when I take to putting in extra effort into relaxing and wiggling my toes. There was a show on CNN about the US “State of the Nation” with inputs from a wide set of politicians and socially ‘interested’ persons. Well and good. Soon however with a little bit of channel flipping; I stumbled upon news from my own country – India; and, I can guarantee it’s not something you’d want to be watching on a balmy Sunday evening.

Well, it started off pleasantly enough with some news on the Academy awards. Then the news turned towards the country’s two largest political parties – and their ‘yet to be completely sanctioned’ prime ministerial candidates – who instead of perhaps stressing on why they would make good, leading the country, post next elections; were more interested in a mud-slinging contest. Are each of them so very juvenile that they actually have to get down to maligning the opponent, to get ahead in the polls – naturally shows that they just don’t have enough credibility to hold their own, based on their own achievements or ability.

So, I figured I’d take a brief look at each of their past records. The elder of the two statesmen, looks good on camera (don’t they all these days) – but instantly comes across with a serious drawback – recent history of ‘allowing’ serious atrocities to occur within his state resulting in the death of over 2000 people and the displacement of over 1,00,000 people who now constitute of one sixth of the total number of internal refugees within India. Must read this UNDP report and have a look at this Wikipedia link which has enough references to credible sources that makes it very believable. Do the citizens of India really want a person who’s got away with what in any ‘civilization’ can be termed as genocide – but for the ‘legal’ system within the country. Oh, and this is the person the very heads of industry want at the helm.

The younger of the two – heir to a political dynasty that’s been in and out of power ever since India’s been an independent ‘democratic’ (oh well, not entirely), socialistic (ahem), secular (oh really now..!!) republic (yes – that it is). History – none – which I don’t think is a very bad thing. A clean slate’s always good – and this is one person who’s showing signs of being able to do what’s good for the country. HOWEVER and that’s all in caps; the political party the ‘younger’ of the two is a part of – is known to have and is riddled with enough scum (and I don’t use words like that easily) – immoral and corrupt people – who would only do what’s in their own interest; thus negating any good of having a clean slate to start with (all the chalk one’d use is all messed up).

Unfortunately – I don’t have a political solution for this country of mine – I do feel, very strongly that there’s going to be tremendous unrest within our massive country – leading up to the polls. Time to stock up on essentials like food and water, I think.
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