Saturday, June 14, 2008

Six Sacred Stones

This note's not meant to reveal a plot, so if you're looking for a story line, this isn't it. Reilly's always managed to churn out a page turner. When I walked into the bookstore the day before and saw the new Reilly book - 'Six Sacred Stones', on the 'just in' shelf; I really didn't think twice about picking it up - since each of his books have always been a fantastic read. This one was no exception. However, I'd be making a gross understatement if I said, 'its a bit of a let-down'.

After sitting eight hours and doing a cover to cover; and, by the time I'd burned through three quarters of the book, I started to get a sinking feeling about the end. The only complaint I have about the 'Six Sacred Stones', is that it covers only one third of the built up plot.

It's like Mathew created this fantastic plot and commenced his writing. Then, 6 months into the manuscript and a few hundred pages later, when he'd got well into the plot, every page driving the reader on towards the next - he gets a call from his editor - who tells him, "buddy, if your book's not in within the week, our contract stands canceled".

There's a lot more to come and it's disappointing that you find out only when you get well into the plot. Really quite a shame, because now the waiting game begins - will he churn out the next part of the book fast enough for 'me' to remember the plot...??!! Will e even have the initiative to create another part or will he just leave this book in flux...??!!

I'd never say - don't buy the book; any Reilly read is better than no read at all - however, be forewarned that you're going to be left wanting for more. (Withdrawal symptoms from a high adrenaline packed novel without the next fix guaranteed)

Rashid Ahmed, Bombay, India
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