Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Horsing Around

Now, I’m really not the type of person who gets ‘cruel and unusual’ too very often; but I get a call from some random person – pimping me a horse, and I just couldn’t resist.

There I am making my bunch of calls for the day, business and otherwise; when I answer a caller who tells me “aapka ghoda tayaar hai” (your horse is ready). Much to my own amusement, I actually dived right into the conversation; to find out that I’d ordered a horse – supposedly for a wedding, that it would be decorated with white satin and come with it’s own fodder and handler. On enquiring whether the groom would also clean up behind the horse should it decide to ‘do it’s thing’, I was assured that it could be arranged by harnessing the additional services of a ‘helper’ (I assume the horse’d need a hand in doing what it had to do).

On further interrogation (of a now slightly weary ‘horse pimp’), it seems that the horse – a brown one, could be exchanged for a white one or even a grey one; ‘no all out of black horses’, said the man.

Finally, figuring I’d not get much more joy out of the random caller, I finally told him I’d not ordered a horse; but I did assure him that I would reach him if I required the ‘services’ of any of his horses at any point in time.

If you need a brain break while at work, cross your fingers and hope someone like this gives you a call.

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Sheena Agarwal said...

And of course I got a call from you to inform me that "aapka ghoda tayar hai". I liked your attempt to spread the joy!

Rashid Ahmed said...

more joy the merrier..